Hello fediverse! What’s the state of the art on crossposting tools here? I’ve got my new radio show starting soon and would like to have it present but between Instagram/Birdsite and Facebook it’s too much manual duplication.

I’d happily use this as the canonical source, but need reliable Twitter cross posting. (I’ve seen the x-poster that translates @‘s into @benward@twitter.com — what is that? Or is there an reverse version of it?)

I did my first full day job interview in eight years today and reader, I am exhausted.

‪Absolutely wilted in the warmth today. Got nearly nothing done.‬

I’ve left it pretty late to cook dinner… I’ll order something in… Try and keep it healthy… I’ll make sure I save some for lunch too… Maybe Thai. Thai’s good. Haha, remember the “Max Power” episode of the Simpsons. “Tie good. You like shirt?” Classi…ooh shit I’ve ordered an entire pizza.

Holedown players. Have you been able to get the “Wasteful” achievement? …How? I swear I’ve been through every combination of busting three crystals in a single shot and can’t unlock it.

Heading out to do live radio again — back to regular modern output this week. Eclectic Kettle will stream from bff.fm/@eclectic-kettle at 8pm if you'd like to hear some really excellent music.

After two weeks home in the UK, I'm back to doing that community radio thing in 5 minutes. Me and Simon Batistoni streaming live from bff.fm/@eclectic-kettle at 8pm pacific. Tune in!

As ever, being in London is proving to be energising and warm and fulfilling and wonderful, even just for a few hours.

Four days of wedding celebrations and decadent consumption, finally back running. Still don’t really enjoy it but at least I can do it anywhere and it gets my heart moving.

Was really nice to get to play a little of Neocab at . Between the shading style and textual dialogue system, it has this Wing Commander I/II vibe that I find endearing and delightful.

Friends in Britain! I’ll be home next week after my brother’s wedding. Give a shout if you want to hang out; I don’t really have a plan.

Back in San Francisco for all of 48 hours, so just time for a radio show. Streaming on bff.fm/@eclectic-kettle at 8pm.

In my 8 months off I intentionally haven’t played much in the way of video games. Needless to say, 20GB of download later, Destiny 2 is… disorienting. What are seasons, how were there 4 of them already‽ Oh well. So long as it flows as well as it always did, I imagine we’ll be fine.

day one. Up before 9, went for a run. Who the fuck am I?

One day — not today, apparently — I will correctly remember `CustomEvent.detail` not `.details` and not have to tweak a whole cascade of JavaScript when nothing happens.

A nearby neighbour is playing something that sounds almost exactly like Bryan Adams “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”… but it isn't. It just… sounds almost exactly like it and then breaks the rhythm for a moment before resuming.

Figure I’ll try and have bff.fm support the new iOS dark mode theming in time for the iOS 12 launch.

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